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A talk with Dr.Tracy
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  A talk with Dr.Tracy

  This noon , we felt greatly delighted to have a talk with Tracy, a Doctor of Biology. She has been in our school for a week and a half , and today she was here to give us a talk about the differences between American students and us Chinese students . She said , compared with Chinese students , American students have more free time after school . They go to school at 8 a.m. much later than we do ,and they only need to stay at school till 3:15 p.m. How incredible it is for us Chinese students ! When it came to what kind of teacher was more popular among students ,she voiced some impressive opinions .She mentioned that a good teacher should be patient and friendly enough ,of course it’s better if he(she) can be a little bit more passionate. A teacher like this can take students to a higher place .We quite agreed with what she said .At last ,we had an interaction with Tracy. We asked her some questions and she gave us the instructive answers .We all felt we had a rewarding time with Tracy .

  As we know ,American education is more on-limits than Chinese education .The teachers should attach the importance to students’ creativity and the ability to study independently .However ,Chinese exam-oriented education put a lot of pressure on students, which makes students feel tired  most of the time .After graduating from senior high schools ,they just want to play instead of studying further by themselves ,and this is where American students differ from Chinese students .As a Chinese great ideologist Liang Qichao once said ‘Young strong ,China strong .’We are here because we are the future of China ,so it’s time we worked harder to make our county stronger and stronger, which is our mission. This will take a long time ,but we are already on the way……

  By Gao Rui and Jiao Rong-rong


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