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Our Newly Established Russian Sister School Visits CSHS
Release time:2019-05-07   Clicks:   source:本站原创   author:国际部


From April 25th through April 30th, No. 45 High School’s dean of studies, GusakYulia, accompanied a total of six Russian student representatives from both the No. 5 High School and the No. 45 High School in Changzhou’s sister city, Stavropol, Russia, to our school to participate in an exchange visit.


During their exchange visit, our school’s principal, Mr. Pinnan Shi welcomed everyone, mutually signed a friendly agreement, as well as sent them CSHS-designed school souvenirs.


During the time that our visitors were at our school, they visited our school campus and museum, observed a Chinese-styled student classroom, learned survival Chinese, and studied Chinese paper cutting, calligraphy, and other aspects of Chinese culture. They lived with Chinese families to learn about China’s lifestyle through experience in addition to tasting traditional Chinese cuisine. They walked around campus and Hongmei Park, adapted to the lifestyle of a citizen from a typical Chinese city like Changzhou, strolled around Tianning Temple and experienced the spirit of Buddhism, as well as visited NanshanBamboo Forest to appreciate another one of the elegant scenic spots of Changzhou. All of these activities left our Russian guests with a deep impression of Changzhou and a deeper understanding and knowledge of our city.


On April 30th, upon their departure of Changzhou, our school‘s party secretary, Mr. Jian Gao, and our vice principal, Mr. JianpingJin, sent the group a photo album to commemorate their activities and time here in Changzhou. Let the seeds of friendship continue to be planted and sprout!


The No. 45 High School of Stavropol, Russia, CSHS’s second sister school in this city, was recently established in November 2018.







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