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A Brief Introduction to Changzhou Senior High School of Jiangsu Province
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 Changzhou Senior High School of Jiangsu Province (CZSHS) is a prestigious school with a long history. The school was established in 1907 with the initial name “Changzhou Prefectural School.” Mr. Tu Yuanbo was the first president of the school, who was also one of the members of the House of Representatives of the ROC. For more than one hundred years, the school has made great achievements and cultivated a large number of outstanding alumni, including Qu Qiubai and Zhang Tailei, early leaders of the Communist Party of China; Qian Mu, a senior historian; Liu Bannong, a famous writer;Lyv Shuxiang and Zhou Youguang, well-known linguists; Liu Tianhua, a famous musician; and over twenty academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The school is among the list of first group National Demonstration High Schools and Four-star High Schools in Jiangsu Province.

The school covers an area of 66,650 square meters on a site of 68,583 square meters. The school library has a collection of nearly 150,000 books with all kinds of advanced facilities and equipment. The school has a staff of 200 employees. All the full-time teachers have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Sixty teachers have obtained a master’s degree. Among all the teachers, 113 of them have received a senior certificate and ten have received a provincial special grade honor. The school has forty-two classes of students, with a total body of nearly 1,800 students.

The school’s motto is “Be sincere and remain humble,” and its concept is “Restrict behaviors with morality; aspire to dream without ignoring the details.” The school’s mission is to nurture outstanding citizens who have healthy bodies, rational spirits, and the desire for active self-improvement for the future of humankind. The school has adopted the following cultural tradition: advocating truth; upholding democracy, openness, and tolerance; and pursuing excellence. Quality and individuality are the distinctive characteristics of the school.

Our schoolcultivates students based on moral human nature, encouraging the comprehensive development of students and respecting the individual. Over the years, our school always has been among the best in Jiangsu province with the most prizewinners in academic Olympic competitions and with the highest undergraduate admission rate in the national college entrance examination. Every year, more than 80% of the graduates of the AP Center receive admission offers from top fifty universities in the United States. Our AP Center offers courses in Calculus, Economics, Physics, Statistics, US History, Computer Science and so on. The school has more than twenty extracurricular activities, such as the Model United Nations, the Model CPPCC, and the Volunteer Service Team. We annually hold more than ten colorful festivals, such as the Science and Technology Festival, the Arts Festival, the Sports Festival, the Drama Festival, and the Poetry Recitation Program. On the stage set up by the school, all the students find their own way to develop their potential to their utmost.

The school has made gratifying achievements in international exchanges and cooperation over the years, being awarded as an Advanced School in Jiangsu Province many times. It is also the only National Chinese Language Promotion Base in Changzhou. We have been hosting the “Chinese Bridge Summer (Autumn)Camp for UK/US Middle School Students” program organized by the Chinese Hanban successfully forelevenconsecutive years.Altogether, over 800 foreign students and teachers have participated in the above activities. Besides that, our school is the Chinese Language Education Base in Jiangsu Province and is host to the “Home Festivals” winter camp activities for Overseas Chinese youth organized by the National Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Provincial Affairs Office. The school has currently established a good relationship with eight sister schools on four continents.

In recent years, the school is committed to the construction of modern schools and to the active exploration of curriculum reform, which is having a great influence in China. It is one of the first pilot schools for innovative talents cultivation in Jiangsu Province. It is also the Provincial Senior High School Biology Course Base and the Provincial Senior High School Mathematics Course Base. At the same time, it is a member school of the China Fablab League and of the Mooc League.



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