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Russian Sister-school Visits Our School
Release time:2017-01-03   Clicks:   source:本站原创   author:国际部

From December 16 to 21, a delegation of our sister school , Lyceum No.5 of the city of Stavropol in Russia paid a visit to our school.

Led by the principal Larisa Tokareva, the delegation is made up of two teachers and 8 students. On the first day, a warm welcome was held for them. Ms. Tao, vice-principal of our school hosted the meeting and Mr. Gao, vice-secretary of the Party Committee and vice-principal gave a welcoming speech,hoping that the two schools would promote the understanding between each other, expand the students' international vision and deepen the understanding of education differences between China and Russia by this program. Yun Hui,vice-director of Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government attended the meeting and expressed her good wills for the exchanges between the two schools , hoping the students from two countries could become good friends and friendly envoy of Chine-Russia friendship.

At the welcome ceremony, the two schools signed a cooperation agreement for the next four years.Both sides hope that the communication between two schools can be carried out regularly.

During their visit in Changzhou, the delegation visited some places of interests in Changhzou and explored some Chinese traditional culture such as paper cutting, calligraphy and etc.The hospitality of Chinese left our Russian friends a deep impression.


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