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Our School holds AFS Host Parents Mid-term Training
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On 7th November, 2018, our school held AFS host parents mid-term training. Altogether twelve parents attended the training.


In the meeting , host parents exchanged their experiences of hosting AFSers in the past two months. They all think that hosting a foreigner has brought them challenge and helped them to observe foreign culture from a special angle. At the same time, they have experienced special happiness. Of course they also have some confusion which usually comes from culture differences. Mr Lu Yongbin, who has been hosting AFSers for successively three years , shared his own hosting experience and expressed his idea of how to deal with culture differences in an effective way. At the end of the meeting, Mr Yan Xiaoping reviewed the AFS rules with the parents and reminded them to pay more attention to the students’ psychological change and communicate more with the students. Ms Yi Yunya, director of International Department expressed her gratitude to the host parents for their support to our work and contributions to the students .She also expressed that the school will make great effort to offer more help to those host children in the future.


 This academic year, our school accepted 6 AFSers all of whom are from the USA and all the host families are volunteers offering the AFSers free meals and accommodation.



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