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CZSHS becomes sister school with Macau Pui Ching Middle School
Release time:2018-11-16   Clicks:   source:本站原创   author:gjb

  On Dec.15,2018, a delegation from Macau Pui Ching Middle School paid a visit to our school. Mr. Shi Pinnan, principal of Changzhou Senior High School (CZSHS), met with the delegation.

  The members of the delegation from Pui Ching Middle School visited the campus and the school history museum of CZSHS. Mr. Gao Jinhui, principal of Pui Ching Middle School, introduced the history of Pui Ching Middle School and the school’s course of development, academic accomplishments, the students’ curricula and their outstanding achievements in post-secondary education, competitions and international exchange activities. Mr. Shi Pinnan also made a brief introduction of the development of CZSHS.

  The two schools engaged in a contract signing ceremony and became sister schools. The two principals both hoped that the two schools would enhance communication between teachers and students.

  Officers from Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau S.A.R. and Changzhou Municipal Education Bureau witnessed the contract signing ceremony.

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