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Introduction to PhysicsBowl
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PhysicsBowl is an annual physics contest held by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). Experienced registered physics teachers and professors get together to write the competition problems and judge results. It is the most influential physics contest for American high schools, with more than 5,000 participants every year. Most US students with high grades from the PhysicsBowl are also invited to join Physics Camps and Olympiads. The contest challenges students, with only one student in the past 8 years obtaining a full score.


Competition Requirements

Language: English


Time: April


Exam locations:

? Online: exam computer must be equipped with a camera

? Exam center: recommend students at the exam center choose their own school, non-exam center students choose to take the contest online, or contact the relevant responsible teacher to apply for the exam center


Participants: High school students


Format: Individual written test (no experiment)


Exam problems:

Two sets of problems arranged as Division 1 and 2;

Division 2 is more difficult. (IB Grade10, A-Level G2 students and excellent G1 students)

Division 2 is suitable for Grade 11 and 12 students (IB Grade 11-12, A-Level).


Contest questions:40 multiple-choice questions, 45 minutes.



Results will be announced within 2 months after the exam.


Individual award


Global top 100

National Gold: National top 10%

National Silver: National top 20%

National Bronze: National top 35%

Honorable award -- Regional top 15%

Team award


The top 5 scores from a school in a particular region/division are added together to give the team score.


Regional top 10 (Division 1,2)

National top 10 (Division 1,2)

Global top 50



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