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Thomas Smith
Release time:2023-06-30   Clicks:   source:原创   author:网站维护

Thomas Smith照片.jpg  I pride myself on truly being a man of the world. For the past fifteen years, I’ve lived in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and now reside in Jiangsu, China. Before moving to Changzhou, I lived in Taiyuan, Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjing.

I love culture, along with the food and people that make it up. Having lived in many countries, I speak conversational Chinese, Thai, and German. This love of culture led me to earn a master’s degree in intercultural communications from Shanghai International Studies University in 2018.

I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most Chinese people know this city for the basketball team, The 76ers. I started my career living abroad working in communications for a Thai engineering company. After living in Thailand, I spent six months working in Saudi Arabia and then moved to Oman, where I taught economics at a local university. After Oman, I moved to China. In my eight years living in China, I have both worked in communications with Chinese companies and also taught economics to Chinese students.

In my free time, I enjoy cycling and hiking, basically getting out into nature. I have climbed three of the five great mountains (Tai Shan,Hua Shan,Huang Shan), one sacred Buddhist mountain (Wutai Shan) and one Taoist sacred mountain (Wudang Shan). I also very much enjoy traveling to new cities to try their specialty food. My favorite Chinese food is Chengdu spicy hot-pot. My love of new foods makes me a very good chef. Almost every night I cook for my wife and daughter. Americans love to eat spicy chicken wings. My signature dish to cook is super spicy chicken.

My philosophy of teaching is that of a friendly uncle. I have skills and wisdom which will be valuable to your future career. I like to tell stories and associate abstract ideas with your life and personality in order for you to understand, rather than memorize. And I like for my students to have a good time, while learning. I follow these up with example test questions, so you know what to expect on your exams. I am also very much like a friendly uncle because as I said above, I love meeting and working with new people of all personalities. Benjamin Franklin says, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Teaching at the AP Center of CZSH is very rewarding. Working with some of China’s brightest, and most enthusiastic students and seeing them learn economic concepts which change their perspective of life, society and how it all somehow works is the ultimate goal of any teacher.

I very much look forward to involving you, too in my lessons.

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