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尹博士照片.jpg  During my study period, I went to Changzhou No. 1 High School in my childhood. Then I studied Medicine at Tongji University in Shanghai for my Bachelor’s degree and moved to the University of Edinburgh in the UK to pursue my Master’s degree in Biomedical Science and PhD degree in Medical Physics and Medical Engineering afterward.

After I moved back to China, I found my interest in teaching international A-level courses, especially Mathematics (including Further Mathematics) and science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). I have gained experience in teaching Mathematics and Physics in the AP, CIE, Edexcel and AQA exam boards. My students’ marks in assessments have always been good or improved. The Edexcel AS results of Physics are almost all As (mostly got full scores of 120) in my Year 12 class in the Wycombe Abbey School in Changzhou. Besides, one student from Year 12 won an international gold medal in the British Physics Olympiad competition (Y12) under my supervision. Another student from the IGCSE course won a silver prize in the Physics Bowl competition in 2023.

According to my experience, international courses cover wider topics in each subject and the contents are explained in a detailed and easily-understandable way. Especially, AP courses have a very good connection between high school and college and university courses. For AP exams, the purpose is more likely to encourage students to understand the topics instead of just remembering them. How to use the knowledge and explain the phenomenon with what you have learned through the course is key important. A clear expression of your ideas in the English language will be very helpful too in the AP program. Therefore, I deeply suggest that students who like to ask questions and solve the questions while having good English language ability come to join our classes.

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